White Collar, Tax & Other Criminal Defense

The burden of a criminal investigation or prosecution can be emotionally challenging. The resulting fear can affect every aspect of a client’s life. Waserstein Nunez & Foodman’s criminal defense team understands this reality. Our criminal defense team is made up of former state and federal prosecutors and together they have prosecuted or defended thousands of cases, and have tried several hundred cases including high-profile televised cases.

If you are facing the possibility of prosecution, it is important to reach out to legal counsel immediately to attempt to avoid formal charges and/or begin preparing your defense. You are guaranteed certain rights under the Constitution. You need an experienced criminal defense team to guide you and your loved ones through this challenging process.

Our criminal defense team has handled a variety of high-profile criminal defense cases in areas including white collar crime, wire fraud, mail fraud, healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering offenses, tax offenses, securities violations, racketeering, foreign corrupt practice act, Ponzi schemes, computer offenses, weapons offenses, drug offenses, and juvenile offenses.