South Florida Business Leader Magazine, Mover & Shaker Award, January, 2011


Our next Mover and Shaker is Steve L. Waserstein. He represents businesses and individuals in various corporate and real estate matters including the acquisition, development and sale of real estate, mergers and acquisitions and the preparation and negotiation of various agreements. He advises clients on issues involving tax and estate planning and implementation, US tax compliance including representation during the examination or investigation by the Internal Revenue Service or Department of Justice. Mr. WasersteinÕs expertise is recognized globally with clients coming from the US, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Recently, he successfully negotiated one of the most expensive residential real estate transactions involving $16 million in Miami Dade County. Ladies and gentlemen, Steve L. Waserstein.

In summary, WNF Law, PL - Waserstein Nunez & Foodman represents an exclusive list of clients who require legal representation in its collective areas of expertise. Located in Miami, Florida at 201 S. Biscayne Boulevard on the top floor of the Miami Center (34th Floor). Please contact Brenda Bassett at 305 760 8500, to learn more about WNF Law, PL or at its website