Right on the money

By Yvonne Lederer from Social Affairs

When you are speaking about Miami prosecutors, the kind that practice in one of the states with the highest crime rates according to FBI statistics, you are speaking of the most tenacious type of trial lawyers who try to convict the most wretched, depraved, heinous criminals in the U.S. If that breed of attorney is also a CPA with a Master's in Tax Law, the results would be spine-chilling. Supernatural legal coverage, if you can get it. Thankfully you can at WNF Law Waserstein Nunez & Foodman, where the dream team of founding partners Steve L. Waserstein, Carlos A. Nunez and Daniel Foodman are pleased to assist you, calling their firm modestly, a "full-service law firm." "The biggest strength of our firm is that we are willing to go all the way," explains the unassuming Waserstein. And by that, he means, all the way to trial; and during trial, all the way to the four corners of the universe, all the way to hell and back, and from civil litigation to criminal, to make sure the client gets the best representation possible.

As trial lawyers, they were always "ready." More like horses chomping at the bit who met years ago and gravitated towards each other based on a mutual respect for each other's expertise. But their combined finesse in handling even the most hyper-sensitive, superconfidential, and complex cases is apparently destiny. Together, they have handled numerous multi-million dollar cases. Everything from international asset recovery, money laundering, racketeering, financial frauds, and commercial contracts, to heated divorce and child custody issues. They have successfully found and recovered millions of dollars for their clients. When you meet the team, they are of temperate manner, indiscernably probing, with the sharp eyes of an eagle, constantly scanning you for hints of a flaw in your character yet always, always courteous. It's more than a little unnerving.

"Psychology is very important," said Cuban-American Waserstein with a BS in Accounting, and a JD and Masters of Law in Taxation from New York University School of Law. "We always ask questions. The kind of settlement value we're looking at, what kind of asset protection do they have?" Waserstein provides pre-emptive wealthplanning for clients from other countries before they come to the U.S., as well as any U.S. investments and international child custody suits.

"They make war. I make peace," said Waserstein. "They" refers to his partners.

For example, Foodman, feisty and confident, is a former prosecutor and a CPA who has handled high-profile cases, including one that ended up on national TV.

"I have a suitcase packed in my office, ready to fly out at a moment's notice," said Foodman, a Miamian, who at the time of this interview had just returned from Washington, D.C. where he flew to help a client, who had been incarcerated, be released from jail in less than 24 hours. In addition to being able to hit the ground running, Foodman is also a certified fraud examiner and a certified anti-money laundering specialist.

Nunez is what one would describe as a citizen of the world, having been raised in several countries throughout the years. Quiet and pensive, with dark, penetrating eyes, he is decisively focused on the bottom line.

"I was raised abroad and studied in international private schools, which I feel has given me tremendous and healthy respect for all cultures, which I then use to seek the right team, who can help me get the information I need," Nunez said. He has recovered more than $100,000,000 million for his clients, in multi-jurisdictional cases often involving more than five countries at one time in Latin American, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. His reputation includes being a founder of the South Florida Chapter of the Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), and a frequent speaker at the annual International Litigation and Arbitration Conference, now in its eighth year, and other conferences involving financial frauds, anti-money laundering, and asset recovery in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

The polished, yet inconspicuous, office on the penthouse floor of the Miami Center doesn't begin to aptly reveal the kind of practice WNF is, where its clients regularly refer others to them. A hallmark of their practice is confidentiality, characterized by their unwillingness to divulge tips of the trade, including hallmark information for protecting wealth, children and even sanity. From deals to disputes, WNF represents practical problem-solving. They provide solutions for their clients. Added Nunez, "the client is part of the team, and must know that if one starts dancing with an 800-pound gorilla, one must be willing to dance a long time." And they are willing to dance. SA

In summary, WNF Law, PL - Waserstein Nunez & Foodman represents an exclusive list of clients who require legal representation in its collective areas of expertise. Located in Miami, Florida at 201 S. Biscayne Boulevard on the top floor of the Miami Center (34th Floor). Please contact Brenda Bassett at 305 760 8500, Bsb@WNFLaw.com to learn more about WNF Law, PL or at its website www.WNFLaw.com.